San Francisco adoration

  1. Sometimes I forget where I am. This city is just breathtakingly beautiful, I woke up this morning to a beautiful red sky; and the chilliest temperatures. 
San Francisco adoration

inspiration didn’t come just because I made it an appointment & thoughts about America

.. how rude it is.. Inspiration you really are rude.. Here I am in America! Yes that is right! I am in A M E R I C A… and where are you? Somewhere on the sofa, perhaps? You lazy creature.. I would like to plead with you to please come on over here because this city is beautiful, you would love it so much. I am sure you would.

After Venice, San Francisco is possibly the most beautiful city that I have ever been to. Not ravaged by air raid bombings in the war like so many beautiful places in Europe, not strangled by concrete architecture, and despite the permanent threat of THE BIG ONE (the looming earthquake that we all know will happen, has to happen, any time, but we all ignore in liberal measures).. well despite this looming catastrophe this city is addictive..

Perhaps this is no coincidence then that I see so, so many disowned and dis-voiced people living their lives in a strange existence on the streets. Sometimes huddled together to ward off the cold Sea air, sometimes talking to invisible friends, often alone and pushing their shopping trolley. I always wonder: where to? Where are they pushing these trolleys to? When did these people stop being so human that we saw them? When did they become invisible?

Judith Butler writes a book with the central question “When is life grievable?, yes, when is it? Who struck the last line under this equation that was a subtraction of value; particularly of the value of being human..? It doesn’t feel entirely real how people live here. And not just those who live in a day to day existence, rattling through the bins at night to salvage some recyclables that may gain a reward of pennies to aid the hopes of existing another day.. The young people who look so hip, or so they think, what will their future hold..?

I can’t keep my focus, imagine when once upon a time the man or woman with their trolley were young, younger, when the last lines of subtraction hadn’t been drawn below their lives, when hopes for a life worth living and sharing were something still in adequate supply.. I can’t take my mind of the time, that is before the time, when it was too late, or apparently too late. Of course we shouldn’t give up hopes, but I can not see them return from the human garbage heap or disowned and muted humans who lost their status once called human..

What do the other American really think, the ones who witness all this? Isn’t America the place of freedom, of free speech, of so many hopeful notions.. And still being human, the most basic need of them all is not protected at all. I could not live here amongst this peculiar madness.

Speaking of which: did you see..? The UK courts want to curb freedom of press .. Have we really, really, really NOT learnt anything at all???

How can we humans be so stupid?

inspiration didn’t come just because I made it an appointment & thoughts about America